Bulletin of Abkhaz NGOs

Sukhum(i) Publication

At the Sochi meeting in September 1997, Abkhaz and Georgian representatives on nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) agreed to publish articles in Russian on the same topics, promoting dialogue on their common problems and controversial issues. The bulletins have been distributed in Sukhum(i) and Tbilisi in Russian and published on this web page in English. The articles are intended to boost NGO development in both communities and help show that it is possible to prevent war and discuss issues calmly, with a willingness to listen to and understand each other. This bulletin was written in Russian, and published in March 1998. It was funded by the Winston Foundation for World Peace. Some of the articles are featured below.

How the Bulletin Came About, by Galiya Kalimova
Prospects for Third Sector Development in Abkhazia by Roman Dbar
The Trust Line in Sukhum, by Aida Ladaria
A Diary of Bilateral Meetings, by Manana Gurgulia
A List of Abkhazia's Non-Governmental Organizations


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