A List of Abkhazia’s Non-governmental Organizations


Foundation for Citizens’ Initiative and Future of Humankind
Tamaz Ketsba, Chair
RA, Sukhum, ul. Zvanba 1
tel./fax 2-51-02

Conducts economic, social and political research connected to Abkhazia’s revival and prosperity. The Foundation’s research and work groups study a wide range of problems, including: settlement of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict; human rights; democracy and governmental politics; development of independent information and communications; youth politics.

Abkhazian Association for Support of the United Nations
Vakhtang Khagba, President
RA, Sukhum, ul. Lakoba 21
tel. 2-34-91, 2-72-46

Sponsors research, conferences, and seminars on issues of UN activities. Familiarizes the public with the goals and principles of the UN and international law.

Gudauta Association of the Disabled
Samanba Mushin, Chair
RA, Gudauta, ul. Kiaraz 14
tel. 49-19

A non-governmental, charity organization. Provides aid to disabled persons in need, including the creation of a data bank, professional re-orientation, and help in job-placement.

Scientific Research Center
at the Youth Foundation of the Republic of Abkhazia
Ramil’ Azhiba, Director

Features research programs on problems of youth and minors. Publishes newspapers and a bulletin about the problems of youth in Abkhazia.

Sukhum Society for the Study of Abkhazia’s History and Culture
Anzor Agumaa, Chair
RA, Sukhum, pr. Mira 142/5
tel. 2-96-80

A non-governmental, non-commercial organization that collects materials on Abkhazia’s history and culture, and studies the impact of the 1992-93 war on Abkhazia’s historical and cultural monuments. It sponsors programs on the layout of architectural monuments of Sukhum and other cities in Abkhazia.

Youth Foundation of the Republic of Abkhazia
Slavik Bartsis, Chair
RA, Sukhum, ul. Zvanba 9
tel. 2-47-23

Works for the development and implementation of youth initiatives; conducts research on youth problems; provides social services to youth; fosters youth employment and recreation opportunities.

Association for People with Spinal Disabilities (APSD)
Alkhas Tkhagushev, Chair
RA, Sukhum, ul. Gumskaia 6
tel. 2-40-96

Conducts physical, psychological and social rehabilitation programs for people with limited movement.

Center for Development of a Civil Society
Giorgi Otyrba, Director
RA, Gagra, ul. Apekha Leona 1
tel. 4-28-75, 4-16-74

Provides legal education and assistance; works for development of local self-government; researches the causes, manifestations and means for early-warning of conflict, and peaceful conflict management; educational programs for students in secondary schools and universities.

Center for the Support of Democracy and Human Rights in Abkhazia
Natela Akaba, Director
RA, Sukhum, ul. Aidrylara 20
tel. 2-17-82 / fax 88122/24137

Focuses on comprehensive help in building a civil society in Abkhazia. Studies and disseminates world experience in democracy and political pluralism. Collects and disseminates human rights information. Provides legal help to the public and works for the development of independent legal aid.

"Justice," An Association for Human Rights Protection
Iliko Shadaniia, President
RA. Sukhum, ul. Naberezhnaia, r. Besletka 9
tel. 2-73-1

Works for protection of the rights of prisoners and vulnerable members of society; provides legal consultations.

Foundation for the Economy
Aleksandr Stranichkin, Chair
RA, Sukhum, ul. Leona 14
tel. 2-76-38, 2-35-50

A non-governmental, non-commercial organization. Conducts research in key social problems, economic life, programs for the formation of a private business sector, development and implementation of investment programs.

Foundation for Abkhazian Culture
Vladimir Zantariia, Chair
RA, Sukhum, ul. Lakoba 21
tel. 2-60-36

A public charity organization. Works for preservation of the cultural heritage of the Republic of Abkhazia, in accordance with cultural development, publication and popularization of the most significant and topical works of literature and art; advocates a return to traditional spirituality and preservation of the Abkhazian language.

Mothers of Abkhazia Movement for Peace and Social Justice
Guli Kichba, Chairman
RA, Sukhum, ul. Lakoba 21
tel. 2-60-36

Assists in defending the rights of war victims and repatriation of the Abkhaz diaspora; participates in dialogues between conflicting sides; searches for peaceful means to resolving conflicts.

Peace and Accord
Vladislav Ardzinba, Chairman
RA, Sukhum, ul. Lakoba 21
tel. 2-60-87

A non-governmental, charity organization. Provides social support and psychological rehabilitation for the poor.

Centre for Humanitarian Programmes
Batal Kobakhia, Deputy Director
RA, Sukhum, ul Gogolia 36
tel. 2-55-98 / fax 2-30-76
Moscow tel. (095) 338-43-04

A non-governmental, charity organization. Conducts programs for the physical and psychological rehabilitation of victims of organized violence (combatants, children, the general population); educational programs (training and seminars for third sector development); research projects on peaceful conflict resolution, migration, and post-war civil society.

Apsabara Nature Protection Society
Simon Kvitsiniia, President
RA, Sukhum, ul. Sakharova 71/11
tel. 2-69-54

Collects information on the environmental consequences of war in Abkhazia; analyzes the of post-war use of natural resources; develops strategies for stable development of Abkhaz society; educates children and youth on environmental issues; conducts programs for the study and preservation of rare and endangered animals and plants; conducts ecological monitoring of Black Sea waters.



Sponsors educational and recreational summer camps for children from Abkhazia and the North Caucasus

Support for Humanitarian Initiatives


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