The Kugelman Peacebuilding Fellowship program is made possible through the generous support of Larry and Dulcie Kugelman and Coventry Healthcare, Inc.

2015 Recipients:
  • Sana Sadiq, Anthropology; Modernity in Transit: Female Safety and Public Transportation in Indonesia
  • Arturo Jimenez Bacardi, Political Science; Speaking Law to War International Law, Legal Advisers and Bureaucratic Contestation in U.S. Defense Policy
  • Rottem Sagi, Sociology; Threats, Resources and Coalitions in the American pro-Israel Movement
  • Ian Finn, Economics; Ties that Bind: The Political Economy of Coerced Labor
  • Eric Mosinger, Political Science; All the Armed Actors: Civilian Constituencies and Fragmented Rebellion
  • Alexander Raleigh, Political Science; Transitional Justice as a Complex Dynamic System
  • Carrie Reiling, Political Science; Advocating for Themselves: Security and Rights Through Women’s Peacebuilding Organizations in Cote d’lvoire


2014 Recipients:
  • Teishan Aaron Latner, History, “Irresistible Revolution: Cuba and American Radicalism, 1968–1992”
  • Eric Mosinger, Political Science, "All the Armed Actors: Civilian Constituencies and Fragmented Rebellion"
  • Dana Moss, Sociology, "Repression's Reach: Dictatorships and Diaspora Communities"
  • Patricia C. Rodda, Political Science, “Cyprus and a New Model for Peace”
  • Sana Zaidi, Anthropology, "Modernity in Transit: Female Safety and Public Transportation"


2012 Recipients:
  • Nina Smart “Resisting World Polity Transmission: The Silence on the Glocalization of anti-FGM legislature in the Parliament of Sierra Leone”
  • Giorgio Gosti  “Community Driven Peacebuilding as an Alternative to Military Peacekeeping”
  • Heidi Haddad “Access and Influence: Mapping Civil Society Networks at the International Criminal Court”
  • Kelsey Norman “How Cairo’s Resettlement and Refugee Protection System Affects the Rights of Refugees and Migratory Persons”
  • Peter Owens “No Further West: Conflict and Cooperation Between Indigenous Peoples and American Settlers in California, 1846-1873”
  • Tyson Patros “The Role of the Tunisian and Egyptian Labor Movements in the Revolutionary Mobilization of 2010-2011”
  • David Wight “The Petrodollar and the Foreign Relations of the U.S. and the Middle East and North Africa, 1969-Present”
  • Johanna Solomon “Reconciliation through Jewish Muslim Inter-Group Dialogue”
  • Arturo Jimenez Bacardi “The Power and Limits of International Law: Torture and Target Killings in U.S. Security Policy”
  • Eric Mosinger “The Collective Defense of Democracy from Caracas to Cairo”
  • Anna Tan “Humanitarian Mobilization during the Nanjung Massacre: Compassion, Opportunity and Threat”


2011 Recipients:
  • Arturo Jimenez Bacardi (Political Science Grad Student) – “Assessing the U.N.’s Role in the Arab-Israeli Conflict” – $2000
  • Amy Grubb (Political Science Grad Student) – “The Microdynamics of Violence and Order: Comparing Social Community Processes” – $2500
  • Eric Mosinger (Political Science Grad Student) – “Civility in Civil War: Conflict Intensity as the Result of Strategic Retreat” – $2500
  • Dana Moss (Sociology Grad Student) – “Variation in Protest Emergence and Outcomes in Jordan and Yemen: A Comparative Study” – $2500
  • Yang Su (Sociology Department Professor) – “Event History Data Collection to Study Government-Protest Standoffs, 1950-2011” – $2500
  • Ather Zia (Anthropology Grad Student) –  “The Politics of Absence: Women Searching for the Disappeared in Kashmir” – $2000
  • Sharmaine Jackson (Sociology Grad Student) – “The Unmaking of Gangbangers: The Role of Krump Dancing in Negotiating Nonviolence for Populations Vulnerable to Inner-City Violence.” – $2000
  • Johanna Soloman (Political Science Grad Student) – “Communities in Conflict: Investigating and Improving Reconciliation Interventions in U.S. Based Inter-Diaspora Conflicts” – $2000


2010 Recipients:
  • Madeline Baer (Political Science) "Water for Profit: Water Privatization and Citizen Participation in Chile" - $2,500
  • Sharmaine Jackson (Sociology) "It Takes Two to Tango: Understanding the Role of the Subordinate in Reconciliation" - $3,000
  • Erin Moran (Anthropology) "Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and the End of Brithright Citizenship in Ireland" - $2,500
  • Johanna Solomon (Political Psychology) "Forgive but Never Forget: Possibilities for Reconciliation through Targeted Intervention" - $3,000
  • Ather Zia (Anthropology) "Spectacles of the Invisible: Women and the Quest for Human Rights in Kashmir" - $3,000


2009 Recipients
  • Nevin Aiken (CGPACS) - $3,000
  • Joanne Nucho (Anthropology) - $3,000
  • Daniel Wehrenfennig (Political Science) - $3,000


2008 Recipients

Faculty Fellowships

  • Alison Brysk (Political Science), “My Brother’s Keeper?: Inter-Ethnic and Transnational Solidarity and Contested Victimhood"
  • Kristen Monroe (Political Science), “Cracking the Code: Creating a Scholarly Community to Combat Genocide” - $5000


Graduate Fellowships

  • Nevin T. Aiken (Visiting Research Fellow, UBC, GPACS), “Learning to Live Together: Transitional Justice and Intercommunal Reconciliation in South Africa and Northern Ireland” - $3000
  • Bruce Hemmer (Political Science), “Putting the ‘Up’ in Bottom-Up Peacebuilding…” - $3000
  • Stefka Hristova (Visual Studies), “Whose War? Reading the Photographs of the Danube Theater of the Crimean War 1853-6” - $500
  • Laurent Tambayong (Mathematical Behavioral Sciences), “City System Vulnerability and Resilience…” - $2446
  • Daniel Wehrenfennig (Political Science), “The Missing Link: Citizen Dialogue and Second Track Diplomacy in Israel/Palestine and Northern Ireland” - $3000


2007 Recipients

Graduate Fellowships

  • Nevin T. Aiken, Overcoming Intractability:  Transitional Justice and Intercommunal Reconciliation in South Africa and Northern Ireland
  • Chih-Chieh Chen, To Socialize a Rising Power: How Have International Norms Changed China and Vice Versa
  • Bruce Hemmer, Putting the ‘Up’ in Bottom-Up Peacebuilding: Mobilizing Peace Constituencies in Democratizing Societies
  • Morgan Kronberger, The Invisible Children Movement:  The Domestic and International Impact of a Western NGO
  • Katherine Mack, Fostering Rhetorical Reconciliation: Lessons from the Public Hearings of South Africa.s Truth and Reconciliation Commission
  • Saba Senses Ozyurt, Islamic Institutions in the West: Bridge Builders or Boundary Markers between Muslim Immigrants and their Host Societies
  • Katherine Quick, Peacebuilding at the Frontier of Democratization in Indonesia
  • Daniel Wehrenfennig, Dialogue Revisited: Learning from Northern Ireland and Israel/Palestine
  • UCI History Project, Themes in World History Institute:  Building Peace in the Modern World


Faculty Fellowships

  • Raul Lejano and Helen Ingram, Spirit of .86:  Analyzing People Power Movements for Peaceful Change in the Pacific Rim
  • Richard Matthew, Microfinance, Human Security and Sustainable Development


2006 Recipients
  • Daniel Wehrenfennig, The Malawi Project: Moments of Truth, A documentary film on peaceful political change in Malawi, 1992-1994 - $2200
  • Jennifer Luchesi-Long, Circus Citizen Peacebuilders: An International Youth Exchange Project - $2000



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