Gang Intervention Training Program

The Center for Citizen Peacebuilding created a gang intervention training program in co-sponsorship with the Orange County Department of Education.  The curriculum includes training in mediation and negotiation. It is designed for gang intervention specialists and staff at schools, recreation and community centers, and juvenile detention centers, social workers and law enforcement. We present a mediation training manual and accompanying videos of mediation role plays of gang intervention scenarios.  Development of the curriculum was funded by the JAMS Foundation.

The Gang Intervention Mediation Specialist Manual is a step by step guide that serves to guide and accompany the videos below. 


Step by Step Guide to Gang Intervention Mediation

Gang Intervention Mediation

Mediation of a Probation Case

To learn more about this program, or if you would like a PDF of the Training Manual, we would be more than happy to send them - please contact Paula Garb,


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